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Pieta drawing 20171030_124201 20171030_131525 portrait 1a W.S. Terry W.S. DadPieta.resizedStudy 2 19x 24 inches - Copy






4 thoughts on “New Works

  1. My wife and I recently visited the Catholic Church at Walsingham and where completely overwhelmed by your painting of the Last Supper.We purchased cards from the shop.But would like to know about how you created such a beautiful picture.
    Is it possible to buy a larger copy of the painting and do you have more details the picture?

  2. The painting of the Last Supper is absolutely magnificent. I saw it last week at the Walsingham Shrine and it helped me to pray during Mass and after. I’d really like to have a copy to take back with me to South Africa, but the cost of the large print at Walsingham was beyond my pocket. I’d appreciate it if you could let me know where it is available and the prices. Thank you once again for the beauty of the painting and I ask God’s blessing on you and your future projects

  3. I was transfixed by your painting, Andrew, during a pilgrimage to Walsingham yesterday. At first I thought it was a projection over the altar . The detail is so beautiful that the disciples became be real men whom I could meet in the 21st Century not faceless names. The man in the foreground puzzles me, is it Peter or Thomas perhaps ourselves? I am intrigued and would be grateful for your comment. I have purchased small cards of the print as a reminder but they don’t convey the impact of the original.

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