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Artist in Residence – Farm Street Church, Mayfair


My journey begins with a face                                                                                           It is a child’s face.                                                                                                               I do not know his name or anything about his life. . .                                                       he sits alone for a while, in his own world.                                                       Occasionally he gets up and walks slowly and quietly close to me.                              How long he has been here or what brought him to this particular place,                          I do not know.                                                                                                                 But I know that within these walls. . .                                                                                  I have witnessed a revolution.

‘The True Revolution’ is a book inspired by my journey through Eastern Europe. It is available as a free PDF download.ttr-2016



3 thoughts on “Contact & Links

  1. We enjoyed our first visit to Withcal to see your exhibition last Sunday. Would you please let us know when you will be selling prints of the entire work and the smaller details.

    The visit was a most moving experience.

  2. We live in Louth , When could we visit to see what prints you have for sale ?

    Tim and Carol Morrell

    01507 605614

  3. Picture in Farm Street Church transfixed me today. I would like to know when you have religious pictures/ sculpture on exhibition and for sale. Thank you. Judith

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